you need
  • - sartorial meter;
  • - 2 straight needles №3;
  • - darning needle;
  • - scissors;
  • - yarn;
  • - cardboard;
  • - compasses;
  • - contrasting thread.
Obmerte tailoring meter circumference of the baby's head and tie a small sample of the web eraser (alternating front and purl loops) and stocking st (only facial hinge on the "face" articles, and purl - from the inside).For example: the size of the future headdress - 45, the density of knitting - 2 loops 1 cm. In this case, knitting caps enough to dial 76 hinges on two straight needles №3.
Tie the bottom of the elastic band 1x1 baby hats.As the w
eb reaches 3 cm in height, line vyvyazhite future lapel.To do this, change the sequence of the loops in the elastic cloth: do facial over purl, but over facial - purl.Over the next number of workers continue to work as usual.
When the total height of the rim knitted cap reaches 6 cm, divide the number into 6 equal portions;on the border of each, add a loop.Do this vyvyazyvaya of each face just two: first the front and then the underside.
Go to stocking st.Work on the canvas without ubavok and loops of increases - this part of knitting will be the bulk of the product (cap headgear).To cap the 45th the size you need to do about 17 direct and inverse series.
Get to the top of the formation.Divide the number of identical segments 7, the beginning of each note contrasting thread.
Perform the following series, with each mark on the spot together provyazyvayte pair of adjacent loops.Do this through the series (with the "face" of the work) until the left-hand spokes will not remain just 4 loops.Toe headgear should be gently rounded, symmetrical will dorozhki- "pigtails" on-site closed loop.
Pull open bow top hats working thread, cut it with a small margin, and tuck the "tail" into the product.Now we need to make a children's hat behind a suitable thread pitch.
Prepare pompom.Draw cardboard two identical compass circle in the middle of each - a circle of smaller diameter.The distance from the inner circumference of the outer circle to the point (line A) in centimeters - the height of each line, which will be a pompom.To obtain the volume decoration, you need to increase the length of the segment A, use a large number of threads.
Fold cardboard blanks together and tightly wrap the yarn.Make the cut at the outer edge, then tightly knit textile beam in the middle.Now you can remove the wheels, and the need to trim the finished pom-pom with sharp scissors.Sew the decoration to the top of the headgear - cap and children's ready.