«Impossible" - a film based on real events that occurred in 2004 in Thailand.The tsunami claimed more than 300,000 lives and left wounds in the hearts of thousands of survivors.

history of the film "The Impossible»

The basis of the film is taken a true story of Maria Belen Alvarez, a Spanish doctor, her husband Enrique and three sons.They rested in Thailand, when a country is hit by the tsunami.Maria took an active part in the preparation of the script and the film.

Maria Belen Alvarez itself has chosen actress for the lead role, it became Naomi Watts.The film premiered in September 2012, the Russian audience saw the drama in February 2013.

plot of the film

At the beginning of the film there is no signs of trouble: a happy European family (husband, Henry, his wife Mary and three sons) go
on vacation in Thailand during the Christmas holidays.They enjoy the warm sun and exotic atmosphere, and after an exchange of gifts sent to the pool.At this point, they are overtaken by a tsunami, which is impossible to hide.Raging elements no regrets and sweeps away everything in its path.

tsunami separates the family: Mary miraculously saved itself and helps to get out of the strong water flow eldest son and two youngest children are with their father.Now the main goal of all members of the family - not to die from a terrible disaster and find each other.While searching for a family reunion, and to the main characters have to go through all the horrors of a natural disaster, to help other victims and rescue each other.

Will save a family in Thailand?What will the parents for the sake of their children?As reflected in the tragedy the further life of Henry, Mary and their children?All these questions interest the audience from the first minute movie, but once it becomes clear that the life of the main characters will not be the same.

During the struggle for the life of Maria received a serious leg injury, along with Lucas they get to the hospital.At this time, Henry the younger sons are spending time and energy in search of Mary and Lucas.

Despite all the horrible pictures, "The Impossible" - a film with a happy ending.Family reunited in hospital, where sent to Singapore to treat Mary and go home.The raging of the elements has caused not only physical, but also mental trauma the family members, they will have to learn to live in a new way.