3D-picture can be created in several ways.

combination of two different frames

The first method is to remove the same object from two different angles, and then merge the layers in Photoshop.The distance from the point from which the picture is taken, called stereo sound and is calculated by the formula B = 0,03D.B - in this case - the stereo and D - the distance from the camera to the subject.Ideally, the picture is taken from two different cameras with the same settings, but cheaper and easier for the photographer to make a shot with one camera.When shooting with one camera is best to use a tripod or stand for a better definition of the frame.The difference in coverage, if it is, you can then correct in graphic editors.

after the picture opens in Photoshop, equalized in color and perspective, combining the functions "Crea
te anaglyph image."You can also use a specialized program Stereo PhotoMaker, automatically performs all alignment and combines pictures in 3D-frame, which can be seen with special volume points.

combination of one frame

The second method consists of a combination of multiple copies of the same photograph.In this case the photographer is working with color channels in Photoshop.First, the picture switches to full RGB color.Then made two copies of a single photo and the photo is transferred to the channel Red channel (the picture should go in the gray tones).Then press the V key and the mode of the red channel is placed in the picture to the left, then back channel RGB.Thus, two identical photos obtained by a simple three-dimensional image.After that you can edit, make the background more blurred the image to come to the fore, but by and large, the photo is ready.

work in other editors

In addition to working in Photoshop, the conventional 3D-image can be created in other programs.You can use a fairly simple Anaglyph Maker, Free 3D Photo Maker and Zoner 3D Photo Maker.The difficulty may lie in the fact that these programs do not have a Russian-language version, so editing of pictures in them a little bit difficult.

use of 3D-glasses

It should be remembered that the photos by using any of these methods can not produce 3D-effect without special glasses (red-green glasses), allowing you to capture each eye a separate image (without glasses they areresemble slightly blurred normal frame).