you need
  • - plastic bags
  • - crochet hook
For breeding you will need three bags of plastic packaging packages desired color and hook №5.Purchase plastic bags in rolls destined for disposal.They are quite big, cheap, soft and have a comfortable knitting texture.
Take the bag and fold it in half lengthwise, then fold in half again to get a narrow band.Then add just a few more packages and place them on each other stack.Cut stack into horizontal strips of 3 cm thick.
Spread derived plastic rings and co
nnect them with each other grasping the nodes to get a solid polyethylene tape.Rewind the tape resulting in a ball - the first ball of "yarn" is ready.
Repeat the above steps on the two remaining packages packages - you should have three coil polyethylene yarn.
Knitting yarn from such no different from the knitting of the ordinary and familiar to you hair - with a hook type 5-6 stitches polyethylene them to close the circle, and then knit a number of columns in a circle withoutnakida, tieing the ring of air loops and adding in each row of three loops.
Knit until you do not get a cone-shaped knitted cap with an angle between the sides of about 90 degrees.Make two cone-shaped parts height of 30-32 cm. Put one part to another to get the silhouette of a rectangular bag with concave edges, and then sew the junction wall bags polyethylene thread.
when the bulk bag is ready, get pen manufacturer.Dial 6-8 stitches on the hook knit in a circle and a few bars without nakida.Continue to knit in a spiral, forming a narrow tube and putting in her tape to the handle subsequently stretched.
Tie handle length of 40 cm and sew it to the bag.Decorate the bag with flowers and decorative elements associated packages of another color in the same technique.