you need
  • - digital photos;
  • - program for working with images.
Elementary photo effects, such as the translation of a color image to black and white, sepia, negative available in almost any program for viewing images.Look for these effects in options.
To apply photo effects, there are many simple programs with simple and intuitive interface, which you can download free.For example, Boxoft Photo Magic Maker.This simple program, which with the help of a few clicks you can add beautiful effects on the photo.With this program you can also edit photos directly from the camera.
Another program DreamLіght Photo Editor, al
lows you to use a variety of images, and photo effects Photo Filters, and, one shot can apply multiple filters at once.The program interface is simple and requires no special knowledge.
Special programs to help apply photo effects to your pictures with a webcam.For example, the program WebCam Max.In addition to other instruments to work with web-cam, the program will apply special effects to images.
ftoeffekty can apply and online.For example, on the website "Photo Effects".There you can choose the desired photo effect and upload your photo.The program will automatically apply the effect to the image.Besides effects to your photos, you can apply a variety of frames and pictures.
most popular and multi-functional tool for the photoelectric effect is the program Adobe Photoshop.The program includes a lot of ready-made filters which settings can be changed at their discretion, but to work with all kinds of properties of the image gives almost unlimited possibilities.Working with color, levels, channels, texture, light - everything is available in the program.In addition, the network has a lot of lessons in photographic and photocorrection that may be useful to you.