you need
  • - a camera (preferably reflex digital);
  • - lens with a focal length less than 500 mm;
  • - flash, or a photoelectric cell;
  • - black background (usually a piece of cloth the size of one meter on);
  • - incense sticks (they are the source of the smoke);
  • - tripod (preferably, but not necessarily);
  • - two side curtains (can be replaced by sheets of black cardboard).
First of all, you need to set the background.Black fabric attach to a wall or in a frame.
At a distance of 20-30 cm from the background, set the table or mount with incense sticks.It must be located below the background and does not get into th
e lens.
the side of the source of the smoke, set the flash (lamp).The flash is preferable because the smoke in the photograph under pulsed light comes clearer.
between the flash and set the background curtain or sheet of paper so that the light from the flash falling on the background and was aimed only at smoke.It is desirable to the second shutter "cut off" from the light source and the camera lens.The light should be directed downwards at a slight angle.
Set the camera on a tripod or on a hard surface.Subject distance varies depending on the capabilities of the lens and can be from 40 to 60 cm. Set the shutter speed and aperture.Extract preferably not less than 1125 diaphragm try to do as little as possible.Wide open aperture hurting sharpness.Remove the smoke in the studio better autofocus, manual adjustment is ineffective because of the strong variability of the object.
take some pictures.If necessary, adjust the shutter speed and aperture.Then, with the greatest possible speed make dozens more pictures.Multi-shot is needed to a huge number of photos to choose a dozen of the most successful.Smoke - quite unpredictable object and catch the right moment is extremely difficult.The art of photography requires constant experimentation.
Choose the best pictures and process them in Photoshop.With different blending modes and combinations of colors can make a multi-colored smoke.