you need
  • - tissue;
  • - skirt;
  • - scissors;
  • - thread;
  • - sewing machine.
Sew-lined case.Make it easy enough.Processing of the lining is carried out separately from the skirt and sewn cover only the belt line.
Make pattern lining this should be done only on the basic details are not given belts, pockets and piping.
If you need to sew the lining to a wide pleated skirt , carve out the pattern on her skirt straight.Provide tuck at the waist or small folds.
If the lining is intended for a skirt with the assembly at the waist, make a pattern on the basic details.And then gather at the waist with a skirt lining, imagining that it is a single layer of fabric.
If your skirt single cut pockets are located in the seam, exclude them from the pattern.There ar
e skirts, pockets of which have podkroynoy flank.In the future it is necessary to take into account only the lining of the flank, without pocket.
vykraivaya side edges of the pad, keep in mind that they need to look like a continuous straight line.
Calculate the length of the pad so that it ended at 2.5 cm above the bottom of the skirt.
To make it easier to correctly place the lining inside the skirt, the pattern on the label using the edges of the cut marks to stitch the zipper.
Carefully connect section belt skirt and lining and Stitch detail to each other.Razutyuzhte seam allowances apart.If the fabric lining is crumbling - Treat edge sections.
Deal bottom lining.