you need
  • - the spokes;
  • - 100g soft yarn;
  • - sewing thread and needle;
  • - hook.
Select soft skin.Cap-hat tight to the face and neck, so prickly wool can irritate the delicate skin of the baby.Buy yarn labeled baby - she is gentle, but warm enough.Pick a beautiful color, suitable for the child's jacket or coveralls.
dial on the spokes 122 loops.The main fabric is knitted beanie front embroidery.In the first row remove an edge loop, do nakida 19 loops knit front embroidery.Next knit according to the scheme: two loops along the front, 20 stitch, nakida, 18 stitch, two loops along the front, 18 stitch, nakida 20 loops smooth surface, 2 loops along the front, 19
embroidery.The latter an edge loop knit purl.
second row purl knit loops of the figure.In the third row repeat knitting pattern for the first row.Continue to work until the web reaches a height of 16 centimeters.You should have a kind of knitted "accordion".Close the loop on the last row of the figure.
Thread the needle in the eye with a wide thick thread and sew blank header on a zigzag sides.Connect and sides.Try the helmet on the child.If the size is appropriate, start making the collar.
dial on the spokes 128 loops.Knit one row front embroidery.With second-row start subtraction scheme: every fourteenth loop knit together with the previous wrong.That is, together provyazyvayte 13 and 14, 27 and 28 and further to the hinge end of the row.Such subtraction do in each purl row seven times.Close the loop of the last series.
Ready sew the collar to the bottom of the cap.The edges of the collar may be left free, sew them velcro or a large button with the air loop.The finished product can be decorated, tying it to the edge of the contrasting piping, made a hook.Hats for girls pompon supplement, brush or decorative flower, crocheted and sewn on the side.