order patterns need to remove the following measurements: circumference of the hips (On) for ladies vest or chest (Og) for men or children's products, the girth of the neck (Osh) and the length of the product (Dee).Product Length of course determined by the model.
Now take the material on which will make the pattern: paper, cardboard, or something else.It, based on measurements Dee and half on, build the basis for a pattern - a rectangle.Do not forget to add to the half girth hips so-called "allowance for freedom."It may be different depending on the tissue from which it is planned to make the product by 1 cm (thin, lightweight vest) to 6cm (thick fabric vest large size).As a result, you should get the foundation pattern: a rectangle with sides equal Dee a
nd on / 2 * (1-6).The width of the forehand and back vest on the pattern the same.
Apply a pattern in any bright pencil line the back of the neck.The width of the neck is equal to one-third of Osh (Osh / 3), and the depth of 0sm (straight line) up to 5cm.
Now take a pencil and draw a different color line of the front of the neck.Its width is the width of the back of the neck and the depth depends on the model (8 cm).The shape (oval, corner, etc..) As determined by the model.
Now we need to put a line armholes.It may coincide with the line side (the flat shoulder) or width (12-13sm), go on the shelf (T-shirt).Bottom armholes can be oval or rectangular.
If you plan to sew a zipper jacket, the front part is sewn in two parts, ie the pattern is divided in the midline.If you want to make zip, add the line of middle 1, 5 - 2 cm.
It is important to designate at most the pattern width of the finish (this also applies to the pattern that has been transferred onto the fabric) through the neck, armholes,bead bottom product.