you need
  • product for the treatment of
  • threads the color of the fabric and the corresponding thickness
  • needle thickness of thread
  • Iron
Slice products can be treatedoverlock Neaten or manually, but if the fabric is not too loose, you can not do this.Fold the edge of the product in the 0.7-1 cm and baste the fold so
that it has turned out even.You can also press them fold.
Fold fold a second time about the same distance and then baste again and then iron."Field of activity" is ready, you can begin to process the product a hidden seam .Running it in one thread, like many other hand-stitched.
Insert the needle into the hem, closer to the top, and bring it between the hem and the main part of the product.Pull the thread and hide the knot in the hem.Blindhem very similar to the seam of "goat", but the stitches are closed hem.By hiding the knot, insert the needle into the main part of the product at a distance of 5-7 mm from the first puncture.Grab 1-2 needle thread behind the needle puncture and print on the wrong side of the main body of the product.
Enter a needle in a hem at a distance of 5-7 mm from the puncture on the main part of the article, just grab a 1-2 thread behind the puncture needle between print hem and the main part of the product and pull the thread.Thus until the end sew the hem.If you want to fix the thread and vdet new, fixes its few short stitches in a part of the hem, which merges with the main part of the product.Lace new thread hem hide in the same way as you did at the beginning of sewing.
If you need to, for example, to repair a soft toy or close up the hole after filling, do it as follows.Enter the needle into the fold seam on the wrong side, right in the fold.Lace leave in the fold.Insert the needle into the fold seam other details grab Bend 1-2 thread behind the puncture, print needle in the hole and tighten the stitch.Insert the needle into the fold seam of the first part, just grab a few strands behind the puncture needle and pull the print string.So sew close up until the end of the seam.Fasten the thread by making a few small stitches on the seam fold.