you need
  • hook, thread, scissors
most simple - to tie articles related or crocheted.Take the hook size is smaller than the one who knit.For articles related spoke perfect hook №2.For the things of the fabric - hook №1 or the one specified in the scheme to the lace.
So, take the hook and knitting on the edge of things a number of columns without nakida each loop edging series.Cut the thread when the cloth around the perimeter of the entire product.
Another option binding, so-called "rachy step.To carry it out,
without turning the work, it is necessary to knit columns without nakida left to right, ie in the opposite direction.Enter a hook into the edges of the edge loop, then grab the yarn and knit the two loops together.
also the lower edge of the product can be made here on a pattern: 1 row - columns with two nakida 2 series - columns with nakida in each column of the previous row, 3rd row - pico three stitches in the secondnakida post with the previous series.Next pico knit three stitches in every five post with nakida previous row.To make pico, knit three air loops, hook injected into the first loop of the chain and the resulting coupling loop is completed pico.
At the same scheme can be linked and lace edge for tissue products.They can be the collar, sleeves, a handkerchief, decorative cloth and so on and so forth.
knit the same pattern that is shown above, but in this case the base of knitting to be a chain of air loops.Calculate the required number of loops easy.Obmerte pre your product over the edge and safely knit chain of the same length as the product.Then just need to sew the finished lace fabric things.
As you can see, a lot of options tying.If you wish, you can think of and a.In any case, this is your thing will only become even more original and exclusive.