Tip 1: How to sew a bag of the pattern

There is, perhaps, a woman who would not love the bag.They say that a woman's handbag - a whole world, there is always a most necessary and the most surprising thing for this place.But sometimes pick up a bag to any addition or occasion can be very difficult.Then you can come to the aid of the fabric, a sewing machine and your imagination.
to start think over his bag, then Sketch it in detail.You must have a clear idea of ​​what you want to get a result and keep this image before your eyes.If you want, you can always something to change or add to - it's a creative process!
Decide what material you are going to sew the bag.Remember that work independently with the skin is very hard, it's too thick, and not every sewing machine is able to sew it.Most bags are used for homemade corduroy, tweed, plaschёvuyu fabric, cotton fabrics, velvet, denim and other heavy fabrics.For summer handbags can use thinner material.
To finish, use both thick and thin fabrics combine them - so
you can get a very interesting combination.For padding is better to buy a special backing fabric, the color of which can match the color of the bag, and can be contrasted.
Now make a pattern.Each bag must have walls, a bottom and a handle.If desired, add pockets and other decorative elements.Select the shape of the future bags - square, rectangular, round, oval.For the first two species make a pattern of the two walls, as they had already cut out the bottom.For round and oval bag should first cut out the bottom and the walls will be a strip of cloth, rolled into a cylinder.
In the manufacture of patterns it is better to make the seam allowances, they should be 1-2 cm.
Vykroyte handle.The handle should be a fabric strip of desired length and width.Note that it still needs to be sewn into the bag, so leave the seam allowances.
Vykroyte figures on the bag without considering the seam allowance - drawings sewn just on the edge.
Vykroyte lining.It will consist of the same parts as the bag itself - the walls and bottom.
now transfer all of your pattern on the fabric, securing patterns safety pins.Use a chalk sketch of special parts.Cut out all the details and start the assembly.
separately and sew the bag of the padding.If the bag is drawing, first sew it, and then begin the assembly.After all ready to be part of the bag, start to connect them.Crosslinking of the upper edge of the bag.Lining the top of the bag and can be connected to interlining, lining to not loose.
Once you have connected all parts Sew buckle.It may be buttons, zippers, laces - All that your imagination will suffice.

Tip 2: How to sew a bag

Before you sew the bag, you should think about its design and draw.The drawing of all the parts to be your future bags, but during the sewing can be made and additional adjustments.
How to sew a bag

As a rule, sew bags choose the following materials: leather, corduroy, denim, tweed, Demin, velor, other fabrics and other dense types of tissue, but for the old version of bags you can pick up andthinner fabric.The skin is difficult to sew because of the density of the material, so work with it much more difficult.

Threads for sewing must be strong, for example, nylon, silk and nylon, but fit and simple thread.To decorate your bags, you can select decorative laces, beads, embroidery, silk and satin ribbons, sequins, crystals, sequins, lace and fringe.For knobs and fixtures should buy clamps, special rings, buttons and rivets.As suitable fasteners straps, zippers and magnets.Any bag must necessarily have a lining.To do this, you must purchase a special backing fabric and cardboard, if you're going to sew a bag with hard bottom.

Now you can start the pattern of your bag.Any model is the main parts: the walls, floor, pens and additional details such as pockets and patterns.Pattern for patterns required, if you decorate a bag composite pattern of the fabric.

most familiar forms of bags are square, round, rectangular and oval shape.For the first embodiment cut out side of the required size and then cut it on the two elements, and made them the bottom.

Patterns patterns and drawings executed without reserve at the seam, it is usually done on the edge of the picture.Threads can be selected either in the tone of the fabric pattern, the basic tone or color of the bag.Pattern padding consists of two parts: the bottom and side.

Now you need to transfer your pattern directly onto the fabric, securing them to her with special pins and draw the contour of a pencil or chalk.Next, cut out the lining and cut product.

Individually sewn and the top part and part of the padding.After that, the top and lining are sewn on the upper edge of the bag.In order to better secure the elements of the bag, is to seal them with a cut parts separately - strips or rectangular strips.To make the corners of the bag the desired shape should make them like darts.

Helpful Hint
you can experiment endlessly and make a lot of bags, and then to any outfit and any occasion you always find an original accessory.
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