Tips for beginners

If you decide to manufacture cards for the first time, then be aware that the materials that are sold in specialty stores, very cheap.It is much better to use the items purchased in stores or office supply sewing accessories.Decorate the card can be rhinestones and beads of different colors and sizes.

In addition, it is important to learn how to combine the colors together.Your masterpieces must be harmonious in color, not rushing into the eyes of a mismatch of elements.

first time the idea to create postcards with your hands, you can borrow on the Internet, asThis process requires specific skills and experience that are purchased at once.

Postcard from tissue

To make a postcard of fabric you will need cardb
oard for the base and a variety of pieces of matter to create decorative elements.In addition, the need to stock up with colorful ribbons, lace, thread and needle.

basis for such a card is easy.To do this, fold the cardboard in half, after giving it the desired shape.The basis can be upholstered in full, and you can leave the paper, decorated with fabric decorations.To do this, it applied a thin layer of adhesive, it is better to use for this glue stick and glue the pieces of tissue.

To cut, for example, flower petals to put contours of drawing on the back of the fabric, and then carefully cut them out.Make them bulky, you can use a dual matter, then they Staple needle.

Grips finished parts on the card with an adhesive, if the base paper or a needle and thread, if the base fabric.The petals are attached only outside the core, their tips can move freely.Stems of flowers can also be glued, and can and sew.The resulting bouquet can be decorated with ribbons or lace.Will only write greeting hero of the occasion.


can make a very interesting embroidered postcard.You can use ready-made kit or separately embroidery canvas, colorful threads and the scheme for embroidery.This card can embroider embroidery, cross-stitch and beads, it all depends on your skills.Figure embroidered strictly according to the scheme, and then glued to the cardboard backing.If you wish, you can embroider her wish.

music card

can make a musical postcard.It will have to buy ready-sounding card, becausemusical block can not be purchased at the store.Search the Internet or create the design of future cards.This may for example be glued diagonally lace, which can sit on the paper butterflies.Free space can be interesting to decorate with beads, sequins or buttons.Do not forget the silver or gold paste applied congratulatory inscription.The musical element is mounted inside the card, on top of it can be masked with tape or lace.