you need
  • - beads of different shades of green;
  • - wire.
Get a scheme netting crocodile.They are a great many, usually every author is making minor changes to the scheme.The result is something completely new and unlike.A large number of schemes for weaving crocodiles are on site one such, which will indicate the direction of movement of the thread (in this case - wire).
Obtain desired shades beads (they are listed in the scheme in the form of a legend).As a rule, find the strict compliance is not possible.Use similar colors or completely change the scale: what prevents you to make pink or orange crocodile?
not replace wires on a string or fishing li
ne.These materials are too soft and will not hold the shape.As a result, the crocodile "deflate" or just will not look like himself.Too long stretches of wire and inconvenient to work: they are confused, twisted and broken.Optimal cut - 50-60 cm. More experienced master metered segments at arm's length.The color should match the color of the wire beads.But not use wire color without spraying, for example, the color of steel.It is perceived as neutral and does not distract from the sight of the toys.
Typically, the scheme consists of two or more parts.Weave each separately, typing on the wire beads in the amount shown in the diagram.Use the technique specified in the schema.She read in the direction of the wire.Tighten the wires tight enough but not too much.If loose, it will be visible in the joints between the rows, and if too much can break.Both extremes can lead to deformation of the finished bead toys.
Connect woven crocodile part of beads.Hide the ends of the wire in the bead rows, passing through the holes.If necessary, cover the toy with a thin layer of clear varnish to give greater strength.