you need
  • - Pattern;
  • - dense fabric;
  • - seal for the foot;
  • - sewing supplies.
First we need to make a pattern conceived your slippers.This product can be open or closed nose, pick slippers desired size and shape.You can use the downloaded from the Internet and printed paper patterns for the top, and for the sole - foot circle with a pencil standing on paper.It is also possible to use the old slippers of style that you like.If they strut, we obtain two curves - the sole and the upper part of the slippers.
then identify with the material from which you want to make room slippers .It can be any dense fabric: leather, suede, felt, wool, velor, fleece, etc.For the production of elastic indoor need to stock two soles.It is also possible to make slippers with an insert of syntepon.
Once you are logged obvedete patterns on fabric, cut out shapes of material.You should now have four parts - two top and two bottom.To further the process, you will need a needle - preferably fat, especially if slippers are a sole.It is also a responsible approach to the selection of yarn, they should not only fit the color of the fabric, but also to be strong.
process of sewing parts together should start with the top and bottom connections.You can just put them, leaving the edge of the distance of a few millimeters.You can make decorative holes on the perimeter of a diameter of 0.5 cm, and then tie them to crochet or sew thick bright thread - this option is suitable for slippers which are made of leather or suede.
If your goal were soft bedroom slippers (such as the issue in hotels, for example), you can do without the sole option if the bottom was made of thick fabric.In other cases, it is recommended to make a thicker sole slippers.For example, to make a pad of padding polyester, which can then be put on the pattern soles made of a piece of cloth and sew the sole already made your slippers.If you purchased a base, made, for example, made of rubber, it must be carefully glued or sewn to the bottom of the product.