you need
  • - circular and straight needles №3,5;
  • - 3 auxiliary needles №3,5;
  • - 1 borehole №4;
  • - yarn.
Begin to knit garments with raglan sleeves the front and back parts cut clothing.Knit direct and inverse series of basic canvas, until you reach the beginning of bevel armholes.
divide all the loops into 3 sections: the central smaller (it front or back of the neck);2 edge of the same size for the line Raglan well.
Close the loop for the armholes on the main item, then you will be guided to the finished line bevel and diminish the respective web sites on the sleeves.Practice in knitting Raglan as a specific example.So, for a pullover size 48 simply dial direct spokes (№3,5) 106 primary loops.
Start with gum forehand (1 front - 1 Wrong loop), 3 cm from the edge of typesetting go to stocking st (in the facial facial ranks are performed, from the inside of clothing - just purl).Tie the fabric of 35-40 cm in height.
starts forming bevels Raglan well.For this to work symmetrically opposite edges close loop.At the beginning of the series (right armhole) remove an edge, knit 2 sts front;the next couple of loops vyvyazhite together with the slope to the left.To do this, remove the textile pieces with the left spokes neprovyazannoy like this front;subsequent knit front and pull it through the loop postponed.
When the end of the series will be up 5 sts (for edges and facial 4), third and fourth knit loop from the edge.So you have to subtract from both sides of the web to bevels Raglan as: first on 5 sts;through a series of - of 2. After that consistently taken out of service in every even-numbered rows of the loop.
Instead of the initial 106 loops on a spoke of working should remain open loop 32. Put the auxiliary needle.
By properly before do the back pullover, then start knitting the sleeves.Dial loops cuffs (in the example of 52), tie several rows of elastic gum 1x1 and go to the front surface.
to the lower part of the sleeves took wedge shape, gradually expand the canvas on the left and the right.To do this, make allowances: vyvyazyvayut of transverse threads between the first and second loops of a number of additional loop.Do it 6 times each in the sixth row, and then 15 times in every four.As a result, instead of the initial 52 loops on needle becomes 94.
start performance line Raglan well.Closes the loop on the model prepared in front and back of the pullover.When the armhole on every detail aligned, in the last row of the sleeve, remove the final loop (here - 20 pieces) and set aside.Make the other sleeve on the model, but as if in a mirror image.
Put all the details pullover and follow the connecting joints.Then take a circular knitting needles of the same size as the main tool.String on which all pending loop product 32 from the back, on the sleeves 20, 32 - from the forehand and 20 loops on the sleeves.Total on the line - 104 loop.
Tie collar pullover elastic band.To connect the loop adjacent parts, all adjacent arch provyazyvayte face together.As a result, the circular sheet shall be abated for 4 loops.When the collar reaches the desired height, take the right arm straight needle №4 and close with the help of the last row.