you need
  • beads 2-3 color ribbon (or fishing line) with a thickness of about 3 mm and a length of 2 m, scissors.
Take the line (or strip) and fold it in half to determine the middle.Tie it to a remote control or any other subject, which will then be attached crocodile: it fold the ribbon in half to form a loop, and it should be under the subject to which the tape is tied.Then you just need to reach the free ends of the thread in this loop.The tape is fixed, you are ready to further work.
Put the first bead on the line and the other end of line miss from the opposite end.Carefully secure it.This will be the first row.In the second number, do the same steps with another 2 beads.Now we have t
o make eyes, Take 3 beads, one of the free ends of the fishing line through the first bead skip to the eye, then - the color of the body, then - back to the eye.The other end of the fishing line through the thread the beads on the other side.This is the third series.In the fourth and fifth rows is 2 beads in body color crocodile .
Take 2 under the body-colored beads and 3 of which will be from the legs.Put beads alternately on one end of the fishing line, slide them to the body as close as you want.Then the end of the same pass through the first two beads ago (t. E. Towards the head).Place the foot near the body.Do the same for the other leg.
foot to do the middle part of our body crocodile .If we assume from the beginning of the head, it will be the sixth row.Take 3 beads, the color of the two bodies, one of any other color.Put them on the line as it did for the first five rows, t. E. Thread the twine on opposite ends.First, place a bead of the base color and then another color, and the third again in the color of the seventh series tela.Dlya take 4 beads of different colors.Push on the line, as in the previous embodiment.Eighth row - Push 5 beads in a contrasting color (at the edges, place the beads in the color of the body, in the middle - a different color).Ninth series - 4 beads, the tenth - 3 eleventh - 2.
Crocodile almost ready.It remains to make the hind legs and tail.The legs are made in the same way as in the third step.Once done the legs, put two beads, fishing line pull from opposite ends.
for tail grab as many beads as you want.For example, 6. Arrange them in a row, extending through each bead on opposite sides of the line.When the tail reaches the desired length, tie the line and cut the line.All the crocodile is ready.