you need
  • yarn, knitting needles
Choose your color yarn, from which will be linked to your bar.It should not only be suitable to face, but also perfect in harmony with the coat.
Decide for yourself which is the density of the bandage if light and airy, then this will need thicker spokes, and if the dressing is more dense, and the needles should be fine.
Measure the circumference of the head with the help of a centimeter, but do not tighten too much, or conversely release centimeter around the head, it can cause you to contact or too small, or very large bandage.Do not forget that it will st
retch a bit.
calculate how much you get of loops in one centimeter, then multiply that number by the number of centimeters, obtained by measuring the circumference of the head.
Enter received after counting the number of loops and start knitting.You can dial the required number of loops and five spokes, while the bandage is seamless, but you can on two needles, but then you have to do a little back seam.
Knit bandage can be both horizontal and vertical stripes.There are many different patterns that can be used when knitting stripes on the head.You can decorate it with stones and beads that will give it a festive look.You can also tie a bandage and sports facilities, it is ideal to remove the hair from his forehead, which did climb to the person in training.Try to link several versions of bandages to the output or each day.Knit stripes on the head can be used instead of the rim, it will not fall down and crush.At some point, she even gives a special elegance and appeal of your hair and appearance, perfectly complementing the colors of clothing.