you need
  • Threads, book, scissors, hook
If Shawl already made and was the finishing touch in the form of brushes, then this will require a thread of the same textureand colors.If the handkerchief is connected from multiple colors of yarn, and the brushes can be used the same thread.
Before making themselves brush , you need to cut the workpiece, which received quite a large number.In the manufacture takes into account their length, so the calculation is taken such a string, which corresponds to twice the length of the brush .For example, the selected brush length is 15 cm, therefore, need to
make a length of 30 cm. It is also necessary to consider how to be "fluffy" each brush, and, on this basis, count the number of cut pieces.For example, the brush will contain 10 strands, therefore, for its production it will need 5 pieces.
To make it convenient to do harvesting, pick up a book with a width of 15 cm. Then take the skein and start winding evenly across the width of the book.Thereafter, on the one hand cut the wound thread.These result in the required size of the workpiece.If the number is not enough, then do the same manipulation several times.Such a method eliminates the time-consuming process of making a line of brushes.
brushes combine to form a thread of 5 pieces, then take each bundle over the middle, skip the hook over the edge shawls , grab the middle of the proposed brush and pull through the loop of thread edges.Thus will brush on a shawl.Continue with the same manipulation at regular intervals.The smaller the distance between the brushes do, so fluffy and voluminous fringe will look on the product.After all brush will be fixed on the edge shawls , align them with scissors.
can slightly modify the resulting decoration.In this case, two adjacent brush divided into 2 parts and connect to each other node.So continue to associate each neighbor brush .As a result, they can be made in the form of a braided network that will help to make a note of originality in decoration comfortable beautiful product.