Take cooked piece of cloth, curtains or drapes.To make pelmet-based or hard pelmet, prepare for the size of your cutting thick cardboard or a plate, cut or drank it the desired shape.
Pre-measure design of fasteners to suit your future swags.To do this, measure the distance from the eye for curtain rings to the desired length of the lower edge of the curtains.
Vykroyte of prepared matter pelmet in the form and length of the corresponding cardboard or a wooden base.Glue adhesive pelmet rigid foundation.The contour of the fabric, take a couple of centimeters wider than the adhesive base.The adhesive base before applying cut along the contour of the original pattern.To the fabric can easily be wrapped without the formation
of creases in it, make numerous cuts on the edge projections.Cut the fabric allowances bend inside out and carefully sew by hand.
prepared pelmet is attached to the metal parts of the cornice and should extend 5-7 cm on both sides of it.
for soft pelmet not need any solid foundations.Measure the length of the cornice and make payment tissue, increasing the data obtained and a half to two times.Cutting the base fabric and lining.
to underlying tissue: the length of the curtain pelmet Priplyusuet height and add 15 centimeters to the bottom hem and a half centimeters as a seam allowance for the top hem.For the lining fabric cutting identical to the previous one, only a few centimeters shorter than the cutting of the fabric.
Sew the fabric with the lining and seams razutyuzhte.Treat cuts and hem.Sew the lining of the curtain pelmet to.Fold the lining and curtain right sides.Check that there is a complete combination of middle and joints, as well as the upper edges.
Cleave the lining and curtain pins, to make it easier to work with.Stitch the top edge, making indented three centimeters.Sew the elastic tape and mounting assemble the curtain folds.Perekin'te sewn pelmet on the front side and hang the curtains.