you need
  • - Ribbon embroidery petals;
  • - narrow green tape leaves;
  • - base fabric;
  • - sewing needle with a large eye wide;
  • - hoop;
  • - thread-floss;
  • - scissors.
Prepare everything you need.Insert the base fabric in the hoop and carefully tighten.Thread floss fold in half the entire length of the needle and thread.It turns out the thread, vdet in two additions.At the end of the tie knot.
Insert the needle into the fabric from the wrong side, and bring the needle and thread on the front.Now make one long stitch - the needle goes to the wrong side.Retur
n to the top of the stitch, and bring the needle on the front of the fabric.Make a stitch and back again to the beginning.In the same way, do another 4 stitch length from a common center.That will have a likeness of a five-rays.Be sure to secure a good thread on the wrong side.
Now, starting form the petals.The needle with a wide eyelet Thread the ribbon.At the end of the tie knot.Insert the needle with the tape on the reverse side at the very center of the future and flower print on the front side.Now hold the needle at the nearest stitch length-beam foundations.Then perform a tape on the next, the second stitch length.After that - under the third, fourth, and over a fifth.You do not need to insert the needle into the fabric, and sew each stitch.
spend On the next lap belt in the same direction.But now the situation is changing relative to stitch-rays.That is, spend the needle over the first ray, under the second, over the third, a fourth, a fifth above.
doing so, perform as many laps as you need.When the rays of the basics completely disappear under the petals, insert the needle with the tape to the wrong side and fasten it.Gently oplavte tips tape match to the edge is not showered.
Each flower has normal leaves.Therefore, to give greater naturalness, can be embroidered around the rose a few leaves.Leaflets of sewn seam loops forth above.Thread the needle
in the eye with a wide green narrow ribbon.Shape cutting sheet.To do this, insert the needle from the inside and make the long stitch on the front surface, bringing the needle back on the wrong side.Next, print out the needle with the wrong side on the front side, a little puncture the fabric side of the stalk.Hold the ribbon with your finger and insert the needle near the site of the puncture.Formed loop.Now insert the needle from the inside to the interior of a small stitch loops and Loop-leaf.If done correctly, the needle has to go back to the wrong side.So seam executed all planned leaves around the rose embroidered ribbons.