It should be noted, to make fingerless gloves, and can be at home, guided by the advice of the ordinary sewing gloves.Therefore, should first read the guidelines for simple sewing gloves.

Now you need to prepare the following materials:

  • need to choose the fabric (you can use natural or artificial fur, skin) from which you want to make your trendy gloves;

  • prepare the paper from which the pattern will be performed;

  • take other consumables (thread, needles, etc.) with which you can make your model of gloves.

Now we need to make a pattern on a piece of paper, adjusting them to the size of your hand.Then transfer them to a selected tissue.It should be noted that after the fold line should be reflected mirror pattern and cut the item should be on to get a double loop.T

he opening needed for the thumb on the second half of your gloves do not need.

edges of your product are folded and neatly stitched.This will avoid blooming cloth and gloves will make your more beautiful and neat.

then the remaining parts of the gloves without fingers sewn together using special marks on the pattern.Starred items are combined and sewn together.

During the transfer pattern on the fabric pieces for different gloves, remember that the gloves must be mirrored, respectively, the pattern is also necessary to place a mirror so at the end of sewing, you did not have two pairs of gloves.

Your design solution without fingers ready.You can slightly change the pattern and perform the cut.Along the edges of the gloves, you can sew beautiful braid of any shade.Or vice versa to give your creation a brutal appearance, making leather gloves and decorate them with additional elements.

With these tips you can make fingerless gloves with your hands.