you need
  • - soft flowing fabrics
  • type of silk satin, viscose or knitted fabric - 1 length + 10 cm for short skirts;2 length + 20 cm long skirt;
  • - adhesive gasket (thin Dublirin or fleece) - 15-20 cm;
  • - a hidden zipper;
  • - paper for building patterns, drawing equipment;
  • - centimeter sewing accessories, sewing machine.
To construct a pattern skirt with basque you will not need a basic skirt pattern.All you need - is to remove the following measurements: waist circumference (OT), hip circumference (OB)
and the length of the products (CI).
Build pattern coquette.Its foundation - a rectangle 20 cm high and wide, is calculated as follows: (ON + 1 cm) / 4.Line AA1 - waistline, BB1 - the line of the hips.
From the point A1 stand back up 1.5cm and the resulting point A2 connect with the point A. This line from point A, measure the distance found by the formula: OT / 4 +2.5.You will have a topline coquette AA3.
solutions draw on it two darts.Getting the first dart - at a distance of 7 cm from point A. Note first solution tuck - 1.5 cm, and the remaining length of the topline coquette divide in half.From the marked point aside on both sides of 0.5 cm - a solution of a second dart.
Connect the dots A3 and B1 smooth curve - a line side seam coquette.According to her, the line AB postpone down to 11 cm (height of the yoke) - point B and B1.Connect these dots slightly curved to the bottom line (Underline yoke).
from the middle of the two solutions darts, draw lines perpendicular line to the intersection with AA3 line BB1.Arrange darts, connecting the boundary point of solutions (to the topline yoke), and point the depth (in the bottom line of yoke).
flirt Cut along the contour of the drawing, not cutting to the tuck.Somknite solutions tucks and glue them shut.
Draw patterns for cloth skirt right angle.From its top swipe bisector (mid-sheets and the direction of equity thread).
From the top on both sides of the bisector of the angle and set aside segments equal to 2 × Vkok - 2 cm. Connect the points obtained by compass.From these points in the same directions, measure the length of the skirt minus the height yoke (11 cm).Arrange the bottom line of the cloth skirt smooth curve, which is a quarter circle.
carve four parts (external and internal) basque folded and two pieces of cloth skirts.Attach the yoke to the fold pattern fabric and draw chalk to her twice.Seam - 1.5 cm.
Then fold the flag in half pattern (on the bisecting line) and, putting to the fold of fabric (as an equity line), circle it just twice.Make allowances: the top and sides - 1.5 cm, and the bottom - 4 cm. To carve out two cloth.
also carve out two pieces yoke of a thin adhesive pads (with allowances).Secure the gasket parts through proutyuzhilnik flirt with hot iron.On the left side edges of the cloth skirts aside from the top section of 4 cm and put a breakpoint for sewing zippers.
Fold the outer parts coquette obverse and Stitch right side seam.Do the same with the internal parts and two yoke bunting skirt.Razutyuzhte allowances.On the cloth skirt Neaten all sections, except the top.
Fold the bottom section of the outer parts flirt with the top cut of cloth skirt face to face.Gently Cleave cloth, evenly distributing the lengths of the two sections relative to each other.Sour cream and paving machines line.Then iron the seam allowances and trim the top and 0.5 cm.
Sew a hidden zipper in the open left side seam.Then Sew the seam from the reference point to the lower edge.
overstitch upper section of the outer member inner coquette detail: add detail face to face, call the upper sections and paving machines line the upper edge of the coquette.Then iron the allowances to the inner piece yoke, cut them to 0.5 cm. Lay flat two pieces yoke and topstitch seam allowances to the inside part at a distance of 0.1 cm from the weld joint.
Tuck allowances inner side yoke inside and sew them to the blind stitches braid "lightning."Just tuck the lower allowances inner flirt and sew them to the top zautyuzhennym allowance of cloth skirt, hiding line connection and external cloth coquette.Otutyuzhte flirt on all sides.
Fold the hem allowance to 2 cm, and then another 2 cm. Carefully priutyuzhte and bottom hem skirts blind stitches.