you need
  • - organza ribbon;
  • - scissors;
  • - a decorative cord or narrow ribbon;
  • - pins;
  • - needle;
  • - thread.
purchased in the store sewing organza ribbon length of 1-1.5 m. The color of the tape, it is desirable to choose, taking into account the color gift packaging, which will be attached a decorative bow.Very elegant look packaging and ribbon of the same color and contrasting colors in the design of the gift may be appropriate for the holidays or child birth.Also very impressive look embroidered organza ribbon.
Make organzovoy tape of four rings.Fold the tape in such a way that the lower lobes of the future were greater than the upper bow.To do this, fold the ribbon in half and roll it, starting from the center, irregular accordion, in which each successive segment to b
e slightly longer than the previous one.Use a pin to the tape is not reversed.The resulting blank bow ties attach several middle.Crosslinking tape loose at a later date could simulate the location of the petals.
Spread loop bow.You can do rigorous, geometrically correct bow with a clear symmetrical petals.If you want to bring to the decoration of some carelessness and ease air slide onto the center and flatten fragments bow stronger than others.
Use decorative cord, a narrow satin ribbon or paper for registration center bow.Tie the middle of the bow string or ribbon and make a few loops, neatly tying them or Staple in the middle of a bow.Thus, you will create a small bow in the center organzovyh petals.
Cut the ends of the cord or satin ribbon.If you use a thin paper tape, it is possible to tighten the ends in a graceful spiral, using scissors.Ends blossoming satin or brocade ribbons oplavit must be carefully conducted them over the candle flame.