you need
  • - interlining;
  • - part of the product;
  • - iron;
  • - water.
Select interlining.It is adhesive and nekleevym, and use of a particular type depends on the destination of the product.The adhesive interlining, in turn, further divided into several types.It may be with or pasty coating point and niteproshivnoy.In regard to the color selection is small.Available in black and white fleece.
In the manufacture of clothes made of light fabrics, use nonwoven adhesive.He has a special adhesive layer, which allows you to attach it to the piece.In order to obtain a flat gasket, apply a few tricks.
carve Non-woven lining in two ways.Cover with a pie
ce of material and detail circle, then cut along the contour of the gasket.Small parts can not trace, cut and then, after the paste.
Slightly moisten the fleece.Apply adhesive on its underside of the parts to combine all sections, and iron iron.Do not forget that the fleece is sensitive to temperature.The regulator put iron on the mark corresponding to the underlying tissue.
Priutyuzhivat gasket can in any way - on the front side of the fabric, fleece or the rag.When the latter method is best used in a single layer of cheesecloth.It is necessary to ensure that the pad stuck uniformly on the whole area of ​​the part.Iron each section several times.Avoid assembly and folds.If the item is large, interlining can be pre-tack.Pinned down undesirable because in these places the fabric can move.
Where it is impossible to use nonwoven adhesive, apply nekleevoy.It is harder and holds its shape better.So they strengthened the details tightly woven clothing such as plaschevki, drape and so on.The difference between the right and wrong sides almost invisible to the eye, but the fingers can be determined that one side completely smooth, the other - slightly rough.It is not glued and sewn to the back side of the part.
This fleece is very well suited for embroidery on a fabric that stretches and holds its shape at all bad.In this case, it simply zapyalivayut together with the substrate.Embroidery can be used adhesive interlining.This is done in the same way as in the strengthening of parts.The gasket can be glued on the entire piece of fabric, and the contour of the figure.