you need
  • - 40 grams of wool;
  • - line;
  • - laundry soap;
  • - mosquito net (tulle);
  • - Bubble film (2 pieces - 50 * 50 cm);
  • - a rolling pin;
  • - sponge;
Prepare a soap solution.Rub a bar of soap on a large grater, pour 2 liters of boiling water.Stir periodically until complete dissolution of the soaps, leave it stand for about 2 hours, the solution should thicken.
Make 2 foil pattern socks.Begin to lay on top of wool tops.
In the process, pay attention to the thickness of the strands, setting the direction and hands.Since mid-shin continue distribution of hair darker until it covers the entire area of ​​the pattern.
Expanding the second layer, light pink curls are arranged vertically, and the dark - at an angle of 90 °.In addition, at the lower end lay another row perpendicular to the edge of the yarn.
Cover blank tulle (mesh) wet sponge and fur (through tulle) warm soapy water.Continue to iron around for about 1 minute.
Remove the grid, fold the top edge of 1 cm, fix, smoothing fur vertically.Now cover the item Bubble wrap, flip to the other side, the film turned out to be the bottom.
Wrap all the hair on the protruding curve, straighten all the wrinkles and furrows.Repeat produced previously, expanding first light pink yarn, and then dark.Covering the second layer, repeat the operation with a grid, dabbing blank soapy water.
Covering bubble wrap, walk with a rolling pin with light pressure in 2 directions.Follow the steps of rolling a rolling pin on the other side.Subsequently, clocked the product on a rolling pin, rolled "roll" movements "of himself-to himself" about 10 times.Repeat this step four times in a variety of ways: from the top, from the heels, from the sole.
Remove the foil and carefully iron the hair along the edge.Add a little soap to hands slipped on the treated subject.Similarly, repeat the operation on the other hand, turning the semi-finished product.
Remove the template, put a sock on the next hand and carefully go over all bends, straightening all kinds of folds.If necessary, during the procedure slowly drag product.
Repeat steps proglazhivaniya, only without the rolling pin, roll the roll of 50 times.Consistently displace a tube sock in 4 directions and rolled across the table 30 times on each side.Regularly flatten the edges.Gradually, the yarn starts to set.Make a second sock.
in the final stages of a ruler, check the size of the nose and achieve the required value through the following actions: a little remember the product, hybrids like the dough, roll like a ball, rub the edges of the film.
then straighten, rinse thoroughly to left soap.Press, without twisting.Form socks, try on foot, leave to dry.Arrange ready socks on your own.