first step in embroidering cross - to make the marks on the canvas.If you took up the embroidery of a preset look at scheme , which marked the middle of embroidery.Usually its designation manufacturers use the arrows on the cells - vertically and horizontally.Annex to outline a set of fold in half, and route the line basting stitch.Now do the same in the other direction.Crossing the thread will point you in the middle of the picture, where it will be possible to start work.If in the middle of the instructions are not given, back from the edge of a sufficient number of threads and route the line horizontally and vertically.Getting Started choose for yourself - the top left corner or the other, as long as you feel comfort
able.In order to embroidery as it was easy to check yourself, route support basting thread through an equal number of crosses, for example, every ten or thirty.This will help to notice the error and the cell count on the canvas.
If you are working with a set, the thread you have, they are attached to the holder, or they need to be expanded in terms of colors and attach to the holder independently.The second option is much rarer sets, basically, it's the American manufacturers.If you only have a scheme, you need to choose the appropriate colors.This can be done "by eye", that is select the thread that you think suitable color.Or, read the chart, look at what the manufacturer recommends that a thread guide, and pick the desired numbers floss.If they did not have to sell, you can use special tables translate the numbers needed thread in similar shades of another manufacturer, for example, Anchor in the DMC, or Gamma.For convenience, make a holder of cardboard yourself - just trying to punch holes for the thread and sign them, or draw symbols.
now begin embroidering.Each color floss has a special designation on scheme .The first color is best to choose one that is close to the place where you start embroidery - center or edge.The manual is written for the preset number of threads to use for independent work using a number of yarns to outline good "painted over", but the figure was not too dense.For standard weaving canvas Aida 14 using two strands of floss, rarely three.Embroider the cells of the chosen color, considering their position vertically and horizontally.Remember that the first stitch all the crosses should be directed to one side and closed at the other.When the thread is over, or near there that crosses color, fix end and begin embroidering a different color.For convenience in the paint over scheme embroidered crosses in pencil.