Tip 1: How to make flowers from ribbons

Elegant and lush flowers can be a great decoration for hairstyles and clothes, as well as being an independent accessory - a brooch or decoration handbags.The flower give your image a touch of romance and femininity, make you more mysterious and original.Make a flower with his own hands from satin or kapron tape is a snap.Using tapes made of different materials with different texture, you can create a variety of folded rose.
Take the tape length from 30 to 50 cm and 4 cm wide. When folding keep the tape so that the edges of the future roses were on the same level.The right edge of the tape bend on itself, forming a right angle edge of the tape.
Then fold the tape across the previous creases and folds wrap it around a few times - to form the center of the future rose less than five or six turns.Sew the thread and needle central curl.Now bend the left side of the tape at a right angle, tilt back and center of the flower.
Tighten the center of the diagonal crease bent t
ape.Again bend the ribbon on the left side and replace it with a flower around the crease.Do not tighten the belt too tight on turns - the petals are magnificent, they must lie freely between them must be the air.
Fix onto thread and needle that design is not crumbling.Continue in the same way to bend and twist the tape until it is over, or until your flower reaches the desired size.For the average turnover rose enough to repeat two or three times, but for the big rose - six times.
Slightly bend down the tape, after which it sew the raw edge to the base of the flower.The excess part of the tape cut off with scissors and sew "leg" of the flower to secure the structure.If the base of the flower to sew or glue the wire, you will receive a rose on a stem.

Tip 2: How to make a rose out of ribbons

Bows of different materials can decorate not only the girl's hair and dress, but also to become an original interior solutions.To create them in the form of artificial flowers, enough to have on hand a few decorative ribbons - finished or cut from the organza or nylon, trimmed with a suitable edging.It is not hard to do rose of ribbons - for this you need a little time and no additional sewing is not required.
How to make a rose out of the ribbons
you need
  • - wide band matching color
  • - Green Ribbon Small
  • - Iron
Pick a beautiful ribbon of 10 centimeterswide - from its decorative effect will depend on how you will bow in the form of roses.Do not use a moving blade for a smooth folding future flower petals;This material is amiss for the manufacture of "leaves."For example, you have a pink, white or red ribbon rough structure and green satin ribbon of small size.
Fold the ribbon in half about the wide longitudinal line.Very carefully, so as not to spoil the material, iron the crease slightly warm iron through a damp cheesecloth.
Now you need to mark the center of the tape and fold it down the right edge, to form a right angle.The left side of the ribbon put on the fold;then begin to lay the right, the left edge of the decorative fabric strips to each other.You should get a trim a square stack of woven ribbons.In the process, a single finger is sure to press down the center of a foldable shape to keep it flat.
When all the tape runs out into a square, hold two fingers at both of its free tip and lift: it stretches, forming a long braid.
Now the crucial point - form rose from the tape.To do this, skip the braid through the fist so that it hung loosely apex, margins were squeezed very hard.
Begin gently pull down one of the edges of the tape.Do not relax its opposite "tail"!Braids, sinking, begin to turn into an artificial rose flower.When all its petals formed, obveyte one end of the strip over the "receptacle" and firmly fix the product.Tie rose green ribbon, decorate it in the form of a bow with rounded storonami- "leaves."If you managed to do rose of ribbons , feel free to experiment - to choose a variety of colors and textures, and create a whole flower composition of the woven fabric.
Flower ribbons with their hands.1. Take the tape on the one hand and pull the tail of the thread, thus making a wavy ribbon.Then cut off the thread.3. And then we turn on our tape range, making flower.Simultaneously, stitched on all sides tape.4. When we get to the end of the ribbon is folded underneath her and carefully sew it there.5. Pre-circle cut out of felt and sew it to the flower made of ribbons with their hands.
Helpful Hint
prisborivaniya method: simple flowers of the tapes.We need: tape about 8in / 20cm;thread the same color as the belt;needle.Step 1. Stepping back from the edge of the tape 0,2in / 0.5cm, envisage equal segments about 1in / 2.5cm.How much you want flower petals, so it is necessary to do the segments on the tape.In our case 5. Step 2: Perform a basting stitch around the edge of the tape from the first mark to the second.Step 3: Change the direction of the joint along our mark across the belt.Step 4: We reach the edge of the Lena, do a U-turn along the tape, do one stitch.
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