Hold the fabric up to the window and look through it to light, carefully examine the warp and weft threads.In the manufacture of high-quality cotton calico used exclusively same torsion.Intertwined in this material is very simple - the perpendicular.The thickness of the transverse and longitudinal threads must be equal, otherwise calico give uneven shrinkage during washing.Furthermore, it is important that the fiber was uniform, and had no bulges and impurities.
Note the density of the weave.If the structure of the material is loose, it can not last for long.After washing, it can greatly sit, but because of the subtleties quickly wipe, so no good for any of independent sewing items, or for backing up.Too dense wea
ve at this point is more practical, but such material is difficult to iron.However, it is worth noting that cotton, unlike linen, easy to work and easy hot steam iron.
Try to check whether there are not a part of tissue other components other than cotton.Unscrupulous manufacturers may add to the traditional raw materials cheaper synthetic fibers.To understand whether they can rub the fabric of the loose hair.If after that static electricity is felt, then added to the cotton synthetics.
Check how well the paint used in the manufacture of cotton goods.Of course, the store is unlikely to be allowed to wet the material, so you have to use a damp cloth.Gently rub the surface of the material it and see whether there are traces of paint.If divorces were on a napkin, then at the first washing, even with gentle temperature regime tissue loses color.Remember that the most exposed to moult shades of red and blue.
Examine the quality of the application or the motives of the ornament on the fabric.Printed pattern created on the chintz by imprinting differently colored forms, so the canvas will be junctions and borders.Furthermore, the particular stencil during operation can shift pattern and float.Modern production is almost fully computerized and high-quality machines for dyeing fabrics minimize such progress, in a manner conscientious manufacturer always follows a similar marriage and removes bad batch of fabric.