you need
  • You will need two or three rolls of wallpaper of any cord or a long rope, a lot of boxes made of corrugated cardboard and five liters of PVA glue.Also, you will need a knife breadboard, a long ruler, tape measure, scissors, awl, a broad brush and cloth.
Determine how high will your screen - it depends on your height and the type of dolls.Doll has to rise above the screen by two-thirds of its height, and you should have no difficulty raising the arm above the screen.You should not be seen from behind the scre
en - in accordance with this rule, configure its height.
Cut the cardboard box on the sheets and place them in front of the screen.To cover is not deformed, seal multiple layers of corrugated cardboard - then the design will be strong and stable.
Place the sheets of cardboard butt to corrugated band went in the same direction.The next layer of cardboard is positioned so that the strip came across the previous shirring.This will give the design even greater durability.Glue sheets, fluff them with white glue and pressed them to each other.In total you should have three or four layers of cardboard sheets.
Gluing a four cardboard plate, put it on the floor and walk on her flat shoes, to smooth the surface of the plate.Lift the plate from the floor the next day only after the complete drying of the adhesive.Having made the front side of the screen, go to the manufacturer sides and ledges.
folds cardboard sheets for fixing some others do monolayer.The upper arch screens and fabricate three-layer cardboard and dry.After that, fabricate rear wall of screens to secure the decorations and bonding together the sides of the screen.
Once all parts of the screen (front apron, rear panel and sides) are dry, begin the assembly.Links not only cement the glue and sew large stitches with an awl and durable lace.Locate the hole for flashing far enough from each other to avoid tearing the cardboard.
Fix both side panels and then add screen doors and iron inside of the joint.Okleyte sash screen wallpaper or colored paper, both on the inside and the outside.Select to pasting is not too bright wallpaper, which figure is not strongly expressed - is necessary in order to wallpaper does not detract from what is happening on stage.
After drying wallpaper trimmed edges of the window screen wallpapering border.The back wall of the paste over the screen of white paper or wallpaper, inverted seamy side up.Put screen vertically after drying and determine whether its structure is stable.