you need
  • - yarn, about 500 grams;
  • - four needles (for knitting a sock);
  • - circular needle number 1, 2, 2.5
  • - round decorative pillow;
  • - clockwork.
Starting knit watch, dial 6 loops facial, which then must be connected to the ring.Knit start on 4 needles.In the second row, increase the number of facial loops as follows: from each vyvyazyvayut another (extra).In the third row, add more loops analogous to the previous one.Since the output you should get 24 loops, then distribute them to 12 sectors.Continue knitting loops increasing only at the sector (the start and end) in each second row.So you must be connected 26 series.
When knitting is no longer fit on the 4-needles, transfer it to the pie
and continue to work on.Each sector of the dial should be composed of 26 loops.
Remember when mating competent to issue the border on the dial.In the transition from one to the other two rows knit inside out.Then change to larger needle and, accordingly, increase the thickness of the thread.This can be simply folded in half string.
now proceed to the knitting of the second ring of the dial.To do this, divide the number of available loops 24 and spread them on the needles as follows: in front of each of the sectors knit i.p * 5, 2 liters.n 3 i.p 2 liters.n 2 i.p 2 liters.n 3 i.p 2 liters.n 5 * i.p.Repeat the sequence 12 times limitation *.Once you tie the two series in such a way, should begin to knit in a different way.Out of every 5 backstitches do loops 6 loops.
Next row knit 4 6 backstitches loops, then 2 facial, 2 purl after again.The last remaining spokes seamy loop to remove the extra spokes.Later, she will need to start to work.Now knit 2 facial loops and the wrong one with extra spokes.After another 2 IP, followed by two more on facial shot needle.Then again, knit 1 Wrong, and then remove the 2 face extra spokes.Immediately after this change the scheme of knitting: Now knit 2 purl loops, 2 facial, 6 backstitches.In the same way the whole knit 5 number dial.But in the 6th row should change the number backstitches loops that flank each fragment.Now there should be 7 instead of 6.
In the seventh row, repeat 12 times the following construction i.p * 7, 2 face, 2 i.p, 2 facial from 1 i.p vyvyazat 2 hinges, 4 i.p of 1vyvyazat purl 2 sts, 2 face, 2 i.p, 2 facial, 7 i.p *.Eighth series of repeat unchanged.At 9 again increase the number of "framing loops" one (8 instead of 7).Change to larger needles.
In the tenth row repeats the scheme of knitting with the lifting loops on the needle further.But in the 11th backstitches need to increase the number of loops on opposite sides of the tracks.Then again, repeat the entire circuit with the covers additional loops, gradually increasing each sector from 26 to 36 loops.
Now knit 5 rows backstitches where, starting from the second, the number of loops to 12. That is, after provyazyvaniya this section of the dial every sector should increase by 4 loops.
Now you need to knit pattern on the dial.Always symmetrical.The first row of knit as follows: 3 facial, 3 purl loop around the circuit.In the second series circuit is changing and has to be done as follows: * 2 i.p 1 face lift for additional needle (before work), then - one face to the main spokes, 1 front with an additional 1 to the main front, and 2.* loop.This is repeated until the end of the series.On the 3rd to 5th unchanged.And in the 6th reappears with the readout electronics hinges on the extra needle.In the 10th row start pigtail twist in the opposite direction.To do this, 1 front loop to remove the extra needle, located in front of the work, then one face to the main spokes, after 1 front and back with extra 1 with the main front.Continue knitting.
On the eighteenth work with a number dial finished, now go to the production side.The first row of all the purl loop, the second - facial, Wrong, and the third as well.The fourth row should be knit on the front underside and vice versa.Knit so long as the edge of your side does not coincide with the edges of the decorative pillows, which actually is the basis for your watch.Now begin to gradually reduce the number of loops to get a knitted cover.
Place clockwork inside the pillows and pull the tip into the hole in the middle of the cover.Connect arrows.And all your clock ready.