you need
  • tissue filler
to sew Case on pillow , decide the choice of fabric and pattern.If you are using the cover of an old cloth to wash her and smooth iron.New fabric is also wet and smooth, so she sat down before you sew blankets.
Measure the size of pillows.Cases easier to sew a zipper, the better to take them off for washing or replacement.Lightning better sew the back side, where it will be invisible.Make a pattern on the fabric: the front part of the cover is equal to the size of cushion 1.5 cm on each side seam allowances.Since the back side of the cover is sewn zipper, with long side patterns add more allowances on the zipper 1.5 cm. Thus, the back will increasingly face of the 3 cm. Mark the cutting line or a thin shallow remnant.
Cut 2 pieces of fabric on.
The back bend in half and cut along the fold line.Neaten the edges.Fold the two halves of the face inward and jotted the middle line on the edges of a length to match the length of the nezashitaya lightning.Smooth seams iron, Sew counter lightning neaten edges of the front.Both paintings fold inside out and scribbling on the perimeter, stepping away from the edges of 1.5 cm. Remove the cover razladte inside out and iron the seams.
pillow can make your own, arbitrary shape and size.For napernika use special thick cloth.The filler can be used, or foam padding polyester.For a child's room pillow can make a round shape, and Case stitch of fur fabric.As decoration cut two ovals fur, fold them inside out, scribbling in a semicircle.Turn on your face and Sew the top of the cover - are obtained ears.Cover can be decorated with applique, which will depict the muzzle kitten or cub.