Once you have decided what you want to sew your child and find the right model, it is important to take your measurements.Make sure the child does not stoop or bend their knees and tape measure tight to the body.Professionals advise to tie a rope to the waist line, to facilitate the removal of measures associated with it.
Build-pattern basis.With proper construction of this figure in the future will help you to sew any models.Please note that the front pattern must be greater than the back to the thing looked nice on the body of the child.
Make all the necessary calculations recesses and lines, determine the required length and start drawing.Draw a pattern-best on the basis of tracing paper (transparent paper).
modeled.Simulation children's clothing to be performed to take into account the proportions of the figure of the child, as they vary according to age.In determining these proportions, experts advise to pay more attention to the ratio of the head and torso, as well as the position of the waist.
Prepare the pattern pieces, and cutting your future thing.The next step is to sweep away the thing a little seam and died on the child.If there are any defects, be sure to remove them, otherwise the thing will be spoiled.After the elimination of defects pomerte again to make sure that the thing looks perfect.
After all preliminary steps, you can start to the process of sewing.Check that the details of your cut precisely aligned along the seam and securely.