you need
  • - two straight needles;
  • - circular needles;
  • - hook;
  • - needle embroidery;
  • - the main yarn of wool and acrylic;
  • - thread embroidery;
  • - centimeter.
Obmerte ready to grasp the baby with the help of tailoring meters, carrying it at the back of the head and convex on the midline of the forehead.In the example described knitting baby hats for head circumference of 54 cm.
Start with vyvyazyvaniya ears.For the first part dial 6 loops and tie only 3 rows purl loops.You will have a garter - dense, fixed web.Next, you will gradua
lly increase the size of knitting to give eyelet shape.
in the fourth row make 3 purl loops, then vyvyazhite front of a crossed subsequent transverse thread (pulling) between the loops;3 purl loops.Crosses a loop like this: enter the needle from right to left under the broach, grab a working thread (it is knitting) and pull a loop on the "face" of the web.
fifth row knit garter with her begins to perform the first 3 loops of the sixth row.Then followed by a new face crossed out transverse thread;front loop and re-crossed.Several complete 3 purl loops.
Seventh series of follow garter.Keep doing the addition of crossed facial loops in each second (personal) number until dovyazhete item size.
postpone work, but from a separate coil bind fresh ear.Now you are ready to perform the back of children's hats.
Dial 15 loops (for example) and enter the work delayed ear.Now divide the pattern knit fabric into sections: abalone keep doing garter stitch and heel headdress - so-called bulk eraser.
For gum follow these interleaving loops: in the first row - facial, Wrong;Second - front and Wrong neprovyazannoy removed.Working thread is in front of knitting.Next (from the third row) pattern is repeated similarly to the first and second rows.
When you provyazhete back piece baby hats for to a height of 2.5 cm, dial the loop to perform the front.In this example, rather 21. Knitting is closed in a circle, then a circular knitting is done the bulk eraser.
Before caps do height of 4.5 cm and move to the front surface.Tie the fabric height of about 7.5 cm. Now loop headgear should gradually diminish to form the toe.
knitting Divide into 6 equal portions and start provyazyvat together a couple of loops at the end of each of them.So subtraction will be uniform.
Dovyazhite cap to the top, will last until the loops 10-6.Pull the string and drag them to the cut "tail" on the wrong side of the product.It remains only to crochet on the ends of each eye ties as a chain of air loops and a number of simple columns without nakida.