Hook - the main tool of knitters, and on its correct position in your hand depends on how comfortable you will be knitting, and how easily you learn new patterns.Take hook in your right hand and hold it the same way you hold a pencil or pen.
Most hooks in the middle of the body there is a small flat area with a recess on which to place the fingers holding the hook .On this site are also located figures for the number of hooks.If you - a lefty, use hook mirror, holding it in his left hand and placing your fingers just in a flat recess.
Hold hook as well as a pen when writing, you will ensure yours
elf a comfortable hand position while knitting.In order to make a first loop on the hook, do ordinary connector assembly.
To do this, at the end of the working yarn to form a small loop, the end of which, coming from the tangle of yarn, was placed on top of the free end.Enter hook in the loop from the top down and picked them working end, and then pull it through the loop.
Lightly tighten the knot by pulling on both ends of the thread.Node drags on the hook, and you can knit on, picking up a chain of air loops.
order to knitting you comfortably hold the thread, pass it between the fingers of his left hand and constantly uniformly pull the thread wound around her little finger of his free hand.Between thumb and forefinger place the connector assembly.
thread also can be passed between the fingers, not winding it on the little finger, but providing uniform tension.Hook point the right hand under the thread and then over the thread.Working to pull the thread picks up the hook and creates a new loop, holding the thread through the previous loop.