you need
  • - cotton cloth - 1 m,
  • - band nonwoven fabric or thick spacer fabric 10 x 60 cm.
Measure the volume of the head cook measuring tape.Cut a rectangle of fabric in the length equal to the measured volume of the head, width - of 20 centimeters.Do not forget to add on all sides by 1 cm at the seams and hem.
Fold the rectangle in half along the short side.Sew a seam on the sewing machine, stepping back from the edge of 1 cm. Iron the seam with a hot iron by removing the edge of the seam to the side.The resulting cylinder turn out on the front side and fold it in half along the circumference.Insert the strip into the non
woven fabric or thick cushion, cut it along the length of the value of the measured volume of the head.You now have a crown cap cooking well.
Take the remaining piece of cloth, and it will cut the circle with a radius of 35-39 centimeters.It will cover the top and who can sew to Tuglie two ways.
For the first method, increase the maximum width of the stitch sewing machines and defer the seam along the length of the entire circumference, departing from the edge of one centimeter.Pull the bobbin thread seam and prisborte top cap and that the length of the seam prisborennoe equal volume of the head or the crown of the circle.Sew the crown and the top cap and to each other.Inside trim the seam evenly and treat it overlock or obsheyte over the edge by hand.
For the second method, you need a needle and thread.Sew cut a circle around the edge, laying the large folds depth of 1-1.5 cm intervals along the length of the entire circumference.Calculate to get the length of the seam is equal to the volume of the head.Then stitched top cap in Tuglie, trim and neaten inseam.