you need
  • - white, pink (or another color) and a green silk cloth;
  • - gelatin;
  • - cardboard templates of details;
  • - paints, batik or tissue;
  • - scissors, a knife, a fine brush;
  • - wire;
  • - wool;
  • - adhesive;
  • - sponge, cutting board and a teaspoon;
  • - a thin wire.
Take a spoonful of gelatin and fill it with a glass of water.When the gelatin swell (about two hours), heat in a water bath.Then lower the cooked pieces of tissues in the gelatin and is not pressing, hang to dry (so that the fabric is not gelled).
When the fabric dries and becomes like a paper cut the pattern piece.The template can be done by looking at a photo of a flower.We offer to make two parts: one
of the three white petals, one of two pink petals with a fan-shaped "tongue," and another with four thin green leaves.
Now paint the details.White - strips from inside to outside, gradually winding down, pick up the color on the basis of the color components.
crimped petals and leaves.To do this, heat the gas in the opener, check on a scrap piece of fabric , that the knife is not burned through the fabric.Place on a cutting board with a knife and draw the details line from the center to the edges, too, at first pressing and nullifying.Knife at times heated.
Now bend the petals.Put a white sponge, press and heated spoon - vognulis petals inside.In the second part much Vaughn tongue inside and two outside petals.Proceed as you feel beautiful.
Push the wire leaves first, then white petals with pink tongue then crosswise gluing the parts together.The end of the wire wrap cotton at the tip of a cotton ball do, seal it with glue.It pestle, painted it with white paint.
second end of the wire, wrap the wool and okleyte green silk.Now orchid can be spread on a hairpin, sew the dress.And if you make a wire stem, it will flower for a bouquet.Then you need another orchid .Be of good cheer!