Tip 1: How to sew for Barbie

clothes Barbie normally sold just one or two options for each doll.On the one hand, the continuous injustice - so do not feigned.And on the other - an opportunity to get away from the game at times more fun.After the construction of outfits for their favorite - it is a separate pleasure.
you need
  • Tracing paper / paper, pencil, ruler, thread, needles, scissors
to sew doll clothes "really" with Barbie you must remove the main measurements.It's chest and hips (at the most exposed point), waist circumference (at the narrowest point), the height of the back to the waist, the length from waist to the knees and the floor.Also suitable straps neck, arms, and legs.Because take measurements with a tape will be uncomfortable, obmerte doll woolen thread or a thin braid, and then values ​​measured with a ruler.
Writing all parameters, start the search for patterns in specialized magazines and the Internet.On plain paper or vellum build patterns according to the received yardstick
and transfer them to the fabric.Staple such clothing appropriate to manually stitch "forward needle".Patterns of basic items of clothing - trousers, straight skirts and classic blouses - Do not throw away after use.On this basis it will be possible to construct a circuit of many models of clothes.
Another option for sewing Barbie - without preliminary calculations.Apply to the doll and a piece of strong polyethylene handle "on live" mark on it all the necessary measurements.Imperfections such patterns because of their size will be invisible.
In addition, the thin fabric can be draped directly on the doll.Formed a dress, you will catch it on the thread.Such clothing is certainly short-lived, but it can be changed at least every day.

Tip 2: How to sew a suit

If you are a creative person, love to look fashionable and original, and try out new classes, the needlework - job for you.Even if you've never tried to sew on New Year's masquerade costume or everyday business style, you will quickly master the basic techniques.
How to sew a suit

few tips can give professionals.They know exactly how to make a suit ideal for the figure.Firstly, never sought to bring a suit by a proportion of their body to the sacred 90-60-90.Emphasize its unique advantages - it can be and wide hips or slightly plump hands.

We must clearly know what you sew costumes - for the official reception, everyday wear at the office.Maybe this is the original version of the concert?In any case, you are unlikely to fit highly shrinkable fabric, even if they are made from natural materials.

In accordance with your requests and wishes of selected type and color of the fabric, lining, supplies, decorative items.You can now get to work.Any suit necessary pattern drawings.Prepared samples can be found on the Internet or specialized publications, and it is possible to draw itself.To get an accurate drawing, do not distort the measurements taken, even if the results are not always able to satisfy you.Think about what is right tailored suit will be perfect to sit on the figure, emphasizing its advantages and disadvantages of hiding.

If you can not determine the length of the sleeves or skirt, just walk up to the mirror and attach themselves to a piece of fabric, moving it up and down to see what style suit you better.Thus it is better to wear shoes which you are going to wear a suit next to see whether it would be combined.

Do not overdo it with the overlay.They may be appropriate to look at the costumes for performances, but it is not suitable for everyday business option.But one bright piece only add freshness to your image.Think about what it should be.

sewing costumes - a serious lesson.It can take a lot of time and effort, it requires creativity and perseverance.And, of course, not everything can be prepared the first time.But if you type zapasёtes patience and a fair amount of creativity, the result is certainly not disappoint you, and the finished suit will serve you for a long time, causing the envious glances.