you need
  • - 3 balls to simulate
  • - hand pump for balloons
With pump inflate the ball, which will be your flower petals.Tail uninflated leave a few centimeters, to make room for the movement of air in the simulation.During operation, the ball should not be greatly inflated, so it does not burst, and freely give in twisting.
Tie the beginning and end of the ball.Get a ring twist in such a way as to obtain the two-twisting.To do this, both hands make a few turns.
The resulting figure is divided into three equal parts.To do this, in turn, make two twisting at equal distances from each other.Finished pieces add together and complete them in a single twist with a few turns.You have to get flower petals.
start performance stalk.Inflate the green ball, leaving a small
tail of about 2-3 centimeters.If you leave more, the stem is not sufficiently elastic.
to the center of the flower is suitable yellow ball.Inflate and hold its end in such a way as to obtain a small bowl.The remaining part of the ball will have to be cut, since it is not needed.At the same time leave this part to her was enough to knot tying and for fixing serdtsevinki flower on a stalk.
From flower legs make leaves.To do this, twist the stem so that the loop gain was enough for the two leaves.Twisted part of the stem and are equally divided twist.You should get two sheets.
Gather your flower.Midway bind to the stem, and then pull it through the petals.Flower of balloons ready!