you need
  • - yarn;
  • - hook;
  • - needle;
  • - thread;
  • - pattern.
use the easiest way to connect motives: sew them together with a needle.Just follow the basic condition of this method - the details have as close as possible to each other.If you prefer to hook, then take the first item and enter the tool, grab a working thread and pull it through the piece, leaving the hook not provyazyvaya.Then pull the thread through the second motif and knit at the same time all the loops formed on the hook.This continues until the end of the motif.
other options.Connect related motives with a needle Breeden.Pieces are sewn yarn that does the work.First, lay the elements for a pre-drawn diagram.Then insert the needle into the edge of a motif and pull the th
read to the edge of another portion of the article, while not contracted them together.Then firmly obveyte thread looped stitches or stitch over the edge.You get a connection similar to the string.For thicker Brides stretch three main strands.Experienced handy Brides can try to weave with lace pico.
In addition, you can come up with your order of connection crocheted motifs.Place the patterns on the pattern as desired, and fill the space between the elements as will prompt your imagination.In its work, use the air loop, bumps, various types of bars, beads, etc.Matching thus knitted items, you will receive an original and unique product.
Attach one motive to another you will while knitting.In this case, the first pattern tie completely.And to compound between the components proceed at the time of knitting of the last row of the second element.Hook the first motive, knit one or more columns without nakida or nakida and then knit the second part of the scheme to the next junction.This is repeated until the end of the first joint part side.