basic element of knitting - a loop.It is formed from a bent and tighten thread.The loop consists of two parts: the right (front) and the left (rear).There are hinges right and wrong.

The set of loops on the left spoke or four spokes of a number of forms.Binding is carried out interlacing loops of two spokes to obtain a repetitive pattern.

Knitting begins with a set of loops of the first row as the foundation of the web.First row vyvyazyvayut recruited from needle loops viscous front, purl, or a rubber band.

two spokes

When knitting needles two loops of a number of related.The rows are knitted sequentially one over another.All the stitches of the last row or part of them necessarily close.

When knitting rows of fabric has two edges.Hinges vyvyazyvayut right to left.When a number of finishes, knit
ting turns upside down and start the next.This is one side of the web front, and the other - Wrong.

circular knitting

Circular knitting is characterized by the absence of wales.The loops of the first row are divided into four spokes.Their vyvyazyvayut fifth or circular needle.Binding in this case is always on the front side.The rows are arranged in a spiral.

Knit correctly

to contact to obtain a flat sheet, with good edge, observe the correct position of hands during knitting.They must be bent when pressed against and closer to the body.Does the method and content of the thread.

Tangle placed on the left side.The thread should pass between the little and ring finger of his left hand.Then, under the middle finger of the same hand with its inner side.Then 1-2 fold yarn is wound around the index finger.

In his right hand holding a knitting needle, which is introduced into the loop left spokes.The average and forefinger of his left hand holding back the canvas and move loop left spokes to its right end.To obtain flat loop, the ends of the spokes have to look out for no more than two centimeters from the fabric.

Edge Loop

last loop series - edge.The edge of the web is both smooth and serrated.It depends on the implementation of wales.

smooth edge is obtained if the first loop to remove a number, not provyazyvaya, and the last - to knit purl.

To remove a loop is introduced in her work from right to left needle and transferred to the needle loop.The thread thus lies on the left index finger.

toothed edge is the same, but the last loop of each row should be knit the front of the front wall.