you need
  • hook №2, cotton threads.
First decide the pattern that you want to get on the product.One of the most simple and at the same time stylish bindings are considered "Rogula" staggered.You can also link a broad rim of the circular motifs.
How to Knit
Now we need to calculate the loop.The number of loops, the outlet on the main picture must be evenly divisible by three, plus two more extreme loop.Raglan is best to start with a knit cap.Gradually, you must add th
e loop to the four lines Raglan well.
Now type of chain 119 stitches.The entire first row knit "Rogulev."You will like the band.It is to be divided into 6 parts.In two parts is given on the back, sleeves and shelves.The hinges, which are on the borders of the details are grounds circuit Raglan well.That is at the borders of the details in each of the next row need to add some loops for expansion.For this purpose only one loop provyazyvat two repeat pattern.
such simple way to continue mating.After Raglan will be about 27-29 centimeters in height, you need to remove the hinge arms on a thread.Now you need to knit a back shelf and one blade.
bottom shelves to decorate a wide margin.It should consist of 18 motifs that best tie lace proshvoy.Openwork proshva follows: each cell includes a bar with nakida and one air loop.Sleeves, collar and shelves very stylish look, if they tie finishing a narrow margin.And at the level of the waist ribbon or lace prodernite.