To associate a soft ball, you need a hook, six different colors of thread.Colors can be both saturated and pastel - it all depends on your imagination.Texture of threads can also be any - from mohair to the iris.The only requirement to be followed - is the thickness of the thread.It should be about the same, then you do not have to recalculate the loop in the product.
Once you have decided on the colors, you should contact the six petals simple columns without nakida.They must be the same.
Start knit petals with 2 loops, throw a loop on each row.When the number of loops reaches fifteen, knit three such series of 15 loops, and then begins to decrease in the reverse order to the on
e loop.
When all the petals are ready, sew them together into a thick thread of tone product or sharply contrasting.It can be bright decorative stitches up to two centimeters - well they disguise the seam.
If you knit ball for a child, you can make a ringing stuffing.Use Case of Kinder eggs.It is possible to put small beads, pebbles or coins.The case can be wrapped wool or synthetic padding.Put the ball in the empty space further tamp shredded foam, cotton, thread, so that the ball has been resilient.
Another option knitting ball.Tie strips of any three colors length of about 11 cm and a width of 3 cm. The number of sets depends on the thickness of the loop of thread.Select one of the strips and sew its joint to joint.The second strip sew in the same way and insert into the first perpendicular to it.Third, insert the strip into the second over the first edge and sew a hidden seam.Ball midway tamp synthetic padding or any other soft material.To fill his best didactic games for toys with small balls.