Prepare a cotton or satin cord is the correct color, which has elements of the future strung beads.The length of the cord must reach a meter, and the easiest way to tie those knots on waxed cotton cords, because they do not slip, and the nodes are obtained strong.
end of the cord direct toward each other so that each tail cord was long 15 cm. Fold the right part of the cord into a loop of about 10 cm, placing the end of the cord to the edge, and then wrap the cord tail, makingseveral turns, directing them away, and putting the windings close to each other
enough to make three turns, holding their fingers that the cord is not relaxed.The tip of the cord that you wrap the main cord, stretch the loop, and carefully tighten the knot .Tightening node , tighten both ends of the cord at the same time.
In this case, check whether the move knot on the cord - it should be tightened firmly, that he subsequently not dissolved, but not excessive, otherwise it will not slide.Tying the first node , go to the second tying.
second node fit as well as the first - make a loop of string, tail a few times to wrap around cord and thread it into the loop and tighten the knot .The place where you will knit the second node , is determined depending on how you wear beads, and what distance should be separated from each other both nodes.
Measure the length of the resulting beads, and check whether they are worn loosely over her head, and whether the slide units on the cord.If you are satisfied with the length of beads, lock assemblies, dropping them a drop of super glue.Extra tips cut the cord and also fix the adhesive sections.