you need
  • - old umbrella;
  • - tissue;
  • - cardboard;
  • - colored paper;
  • - adhesive;
  • - Sewing.
Look at the details of the costume you already have.For example, tracksuit Batman suit, bat, butterfly, flower, wolf, cat (without boots), chanterelles.What is important is color.Batman or a butterfly need black flower - green, wolf or bunny - gray, and the cat or dog can be black, and brown, and white.It is useful to look for an old umbrella with broken spokes, the shirt with large collar, wide skirt.
Old umbrella needed for the costume of Batman, the bat or butterfly.Batman needs black, the mouse can be gray, and brown, and a butterfly - color.Re
move umbrella with spokes and gently thrust one seam.Remove the skin.Rather, allowances Neaten already, but if not - treat them overlock or manually obsheyte loopy seam.Make cutout for the cap and also neaten.Sew the lower corners of the loops for the fingers.You can do a couple of loops of the band to "wings" attached to the elbows.Cloak ready to bat.To make a butterfly costume, find the middle cape, draw a straight line and chalk lay on it a major line.Pull the cloak, placing its beautiful cross-assemblies.It remains to make a mask.To bat suit, for example, a black balaclava, which are sewn to the standing ears.For the butterflies can make a band with a mustache.
almost universally part of the costume - a knight's cloak.It is suitable and the prince, and the Cat in Boots, and fairy and musketeers.It cuts out a cloak about the same as the skirt polusolntse.Measure the length and girth of neck ware.Calculate the radius of the recess, dividing the circumference of the neck 6.28.Lay the cut (you need 2 lengths of products, plus 15 cm on the excavation and processing) face down.Find the middle of one of the edges.Draw from the center circle whose radius is equal to the length of the product, with the addition thereto of the recess radius.Spend on the mark perpendicular.Put it in the radius of the recess.Draw and cut out the notch itself, forgetting to leave an allowance of 0.5 cm.
carve kuliske.For this circle the recess and held at a distance of 2.5-3 cm parallel circle.Cut the piping, leaving allowances 0.5-0.7 cm in all sections.Fold the parts facing each other, sour cream and sostrochite.Unscrew the piping on the wrong side, and then iron.Fold the second allowance, then iron the fold and sew the piping to the cloak.Treat the cut and bottom.Insert the cord.
many fabulous characters need a lace collar, wide cuff and bells on the boots.To make the collar mold.From the same point 2 draw a circle.The radius of one - neck circumference divided by 6.28.By this measure, add the width of the collar.Cut a ring on it and make the cut.Bevel exterior angles.Circle template, folded white cloth in half.Cut 2 blank, leaving allowances for all sections.Allowances in the corners, and then iron the outer edge to the wrong side.
between layers of lace collar insert or sewing, after having laid their assemblies, and then baste.Sostrochite details.Upcoming allowances then iron on the wrong side of the product and treat with overlock.Sew the collar to the white shirt.For the same business technology and cuffs and lapels for boots.Complete the costume of Puss in Boots, Prince or musketeer hat.