Tip 1: How to learn to weave bead bracelets

Weaving beads - it is a skill that does not know borders.By learning to weave beaded bracelets , you can supplement your image original accessories to show their individuality and realize creative ideas.
Begin braiding with a very simple model.Measure the circumference of your wrist to see what length should reach your wicker Fenichka.Select the desired color beads.Size beads may be the same or differ from each other.
Lay beads on lint-free cloth on the table, so it does not roll back - for example, on a towel and place the next pre-purchased fasteners.Do not forget the manner in which you will weave - it can be very simple or more complex, you can also come up with their own model bracelet.In any case, the order of weaving is the same.
Take a solid reinforced thread and tie a knot at the end of it.Cut off any excess thread with scissors, and then apply a little bundle of transparent glue to strengthen it.Dry glue and put it on the tip of the thread with a knot br
acelet clasp future.
Clamp mounting fasteners pliers and check if it is securely fastened.On the thread with the free edge of the start stringing beads according to certain pre-order colors.
Very impressive bracelet will look, in which several strands strung with beads twisted into a spiral - a bracelet you can do even if you had never done any beading.
Take multicolored beads, for example, black and white.Secure black bead so that it was the basis of the two ends of the thread.At each end, add one black and two white beads, and then pass the thread into the black bead on the main thread, so to get the diamond.
thread must be tightened so that it was in a slight tension, but not too tight.Continue braiding until until you get the desired width of the future bracelet.
Then do another series, hooking yarn black bead of the previous row.Repeat several times as much, how long you want the bracelet.If you want to make a bracelet lace, can accommodate two white beads to add three or even four.
At the end of weaving when Fenichka reaches the desired length, make another knot, brush it with glue, and when it dries, attach a pair of pliers on the node of the second fastener.Bracelet ready.

Tip 2: How to learn how to make bead bracelets

process of weaving bracelets of beads requires painstaking preparatory work and special equipment, which can be done by hand, and which will provide for the manufacture of an unlimited number of products.
How to learn how to make bead bracelets
you need
  • - old cutting board;
  • - Dacron (or other synthetic) yarns;
  • - beads of different colors;
  • - beads with large holes
  • - with a thin needle eye.
Think of the picture that you want to put on the bracelet.Draw on paper in a cell pattern, each cell represents one unit beads , paint the sketch.It could be the Mexican pattern with triangles and squares, Greek labyrinths or symbolic image of flowers.
Select beads.Buy those shades, which are involved in the ornament bracelet.Prefer beads with rounded edges, bugle for such netting is not suitable because of its sharp edges cut the warp threads in the process of socks products.Consider beads, all beads should be approximately the same size, or weaving receive "distortions."Put a few rows beads on a table in a pattern to understand the suitability of colors to each other, and if you like the thickness of the future bracelet.
Prepare the machine, which will be weaving.Knock on two side portions of the cutting board nails at a distance of 3-5 mm from each other.Secure the warp in the extreme nail and pull it through the entire length of the board, obveyte one nail and pull in the opposite direction.Do this several times.Remember that if the width of your bracelet is 7 beads, you need to create worker threads 8.
Proceed to weaving.Put in front of the board so that the nails were placed on either side of you.Cut a long thread and secure it to the left on the bottom of the warp threads, insert both ends of the needle.Put the beads on the needle for drawing the first column, pull the needle.Place the column on the warp threads so that each bead has appeared between the two threads.Insert the needle from the back side of each warp and bring to its original position, tighten the thread, making two turns around the first warp.Continue braiding, observing the color of the beads as shown.
Finish weaving, fasten thread on the back of the bracelet.Cut warp, secure in the overall bundle, decorate beads with large hole, complete your zavyazochki or clasp.
Helpful Hint
constant practice in the skill of beading, the only way you can gradually learn more complicated patterns and try to weave earrings, rings, necklaces, ornaments for clothing and moremore.
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