you need
  • - a computer with Internet access.
most accessible material for weaving - thread floss.The range of their so great that the master is available virtually any color combination.Very well, if you are familiar with the basics of weaving macrame.The weaving of "friendship bracelets" and other baubles are used many of the techniques of this popular technology, once invented by American Indians.Go to the site you will find the story of baubles, how to perform the various sites and, of course, the scheme baubl
es of floss, beads, hemp and other materials.
if all the other materials beads you prefer, open the site you will learn what tools and materials you will need, you will find interesting information on the history of this art form.Schemes of weaving baubles on this website is also quite a lot, but there is a description of the technology performance of other products.Perhaps this genre will entice you, and you want not only to weave bracelets.
Online you will find not only a scheme, but also video tutorials.This is particularly useful for beginners.But the experienced masters will find on this site a lot of interesting.Plans are in the "Beaded."This site is also interesting to lovers of other types of needlework.
Many circuits you will find on the site "golden hands".There is quite a large archive, which is regularly updated.New schemes appear almost every day.
You can try to find a scheme independently.Type in any search engine the words "Baubles scheme."You can specify what material you are going to spin.You will see a huge number of links.In this case it is better to sort them by relevance.Above will be links to sites with the highest number of schemes.
Find scheme can baubles and social networks.Groups devoted to this type of needlework, and there on the site "Vkontakte" and "Live Journal".In order to find like-minded people and share with them useful tips, rather in the interest point "weaving baubles."On your profile page link will appear.By clicking on it, you will see a list of users and communities that are also addicted braided baubles.Look at the posts in the community and sign in where constantly there and discussed new schemes of weaving.