you need
  • Velvet;
  • Soft cardboard;
  • Sheets with records;
  • PVA glue;
  • Shiloh;
  • Waxed thread;
  • strip of skin.
Fold the sheets in the correct order.Make sure that all the pages in the field.The corners of the sheets should be the same with each other.Be sure to add one sheet without recordings and illustrations at the beginning and end of the unit.For convenience, fasten the block sheet in the frame of a suitable size, dropping it down the last page.
Make several puncture awl in right field, at a distance of 1 cm from the edge and 2 - 4 cm from each other, depending on the size of the sheets.Through punctures waxed thread the pieces of yarn and tie the ends tightly enough,
the sheets were assembled, but not torn.Glue the plates on the same field from the edge to the level of puncture.Be careful, make sure that the glue spilled on this boundary and not blindly page.Put the unit to dry.
cardboard needed to make the book form.If you give up, even from the soft frame, the cover will wrinkle and bend sheets, tear and fade.Cut two rectangles the size of a sheet or a bit more (5 mm on each side).From velvet carve out two rectangles the same size, but add another seam allowances (1 cm on each side).The second pair of velvet boxes will have a narrow side 1 cm smaller than (if a book is vertical).Fold detail pairs (each pair of two different sized rectangles) facing inwards.Stitch on three sides, leaving a side equal to the height of the book.Remove the velvet pouches, process the edges of the remaining part.
Bend the one side of each sheet of cardboard.Glue pages block extreme to the cardboard to bend space coincides with the location of firmware.Attach a strip of skin to place the spine to the edges coincide with the width of the top and bottom of the book, and at length came to a little cardboard.Stick to the book.On the edge of the board, apply glue.
Put velvet pouches, aligning the edge from the last sizing.Wait until it dries.