you need
  • -sherst;
  • -spitsy and hook;
  • -scheme;
  • -Scissors.
professionals advise: if you want to learn to knit, start with something very simple.For example, the tie for the baby hat and booties.Manual and scheme, how it should be done fairly easily found in magazines, books and other sources.
Learn designations loops, try knit several of each.So you'll see in practice what they are.A detailed description of how they have provyazyvat in special books on needlework.So you can learn to knit yourself.
If the image effect is not obtained, ask someone from the experienced people to show you how it is done this or
that element of knitting.Cozy evenings you in this case provided.
Alternatively, learn to knit for the baby can be on the video course, which is a huge amount on the Internet.Just in the search box, type the required query.Find the right site, make yourself comfortable in front of a monitor with needles and thread and start learning.
Also, if desired, and a sufficient amount of spare time, you can go to learn the professionals - for special courses or mugs on needlework.Here you will learn quickly enough to properly hold in the hands of spokes and a hook and knit things for children.
might try to thematic forums where women gather with similar interests, who can give you good advice or to correct your mistakes.The forum can be laid out, and photos and video.There you can find the original models of clothes for the baby.