you need
  • needles, yarn and inspiration
Yarn should be only natural - wool or cotton.Best of unpainted natural or white.Dyes can be bad for the newborn baby.Knitting needles have to have two.The thickness of the spokes should be approximately equal to the thickness of the selected thread.
Before you start you need to select the knitting pattern.Better things to knit baby face embroidery.(Front ranks - face loops, purl rows - purl loops).Then you must link the sample, about 20-30 loops in width, 20-30 rows in height.Remove the needles associated with the slice.Mash it in his hands, stretching in different directions.Then count the loops as loops in one centimeter.
craftswomen Beginners should start with a simple model.For example, you can associate a small blanket or a blanket for the baby.
To do this, you need to determine what size you want to get a blanket.We need the following inputs - width and length.To determine the number of loops of the future product width in inches is multiplied by the number of loops in one centimeter.Get the right number of hinges.Then tie the direct fabric twice as long as the original size.Close the loop.The resulting web to steam iron through a linen cloth.The web is then folded in half, sew woolen thread around the edges.Received a warm, beautiful quilt.
Then you can move on to more complicated things.Blouse or pants for the baby, too, it is easy to tie.Also, you must first measure the inch all the details.The length, width, product, sleeve length.Remember or write down the results.If you want to associate a larger size, added a few centimeters by any measure.
need to start knitting with gum.When knitting alternate between the right and wrong of the loop.For gum is sufficient to link two centimeters.Then fit the base web.In the process of knitting is necessary as much as possible to put knitted fabric to a selected sample, it would be more accurate vyvyazana detail.Once work is completed, it is necessary to steam all the related items through a linen cloth.Staple items hands of woolen thread.